The Q Ecosystem

The Q Experience is a fast-growing smart navigation ecosystem. It consists of the Q Panel, a boat mounted multi-function display, Q Switch, Q Experience’s own digital switch that allows controlling boat’s appliances through Q Panel and Q Remote, a handy controller for Q Panel’s functions. Third-party devices like heaters can easily be added to Q ecosystem via NMEA2000 compatible CAN buses.

Q Panel

Q Panel currently comes in two sizes: Q Panel 16 and Q Panel 10. The panel can be fitted to any boat model as a direct factory installation, and it has easy-to-use applications for boat’s different assets, such as Map, Motor Data, Weather Service, Manuals etc. Panel’s touch screen is ultra durable, 3mm glass that is both scratch and water proof.

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Q Switch

The Q team wanted to speed the process of developing new boat models and cut the design costs down. This would help new innovations hit the market sooner and make boating accessible for everyone.

As a solution, Q Experience developed their own digital switch for controlling the boat’s lighting, pumps and other accesories. Thanks to its clever concept and some cutting edge technology, Q Switch beats the old fashioned solutions both in price and development time.

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Q Remote

Q Remote is a useful accessory for the Q Panel. It allows you to use panel’s functions without having to operate the touch screen. Remote controller can be mounted to boat’s steering wheel with a sturdy holder.

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