Q Remote

Q Remote is a handy accessory for the Q Panel. It allows you to use the panel’s functions without having to operate its touch screen.

Q Remote’s ergonomic design allows you to use all the functions on one hand, while the other hand is left completely free. Remote can be fastened onto boat’s steering wheel with a sturdy holder, which allows you to keep both hands on the wheel if needed. Carefully crafted buttons are easy to use even with gloves on, which makes the Q Remote a must-have for cold and demanding conditions.



Remote controller can be mounted to boat’s steering wheel with a sturdy holder.
It can be fitted to either side of the steering wheel to cater for both left and right handed users.

Dozens of Functions

Q Remote has only six buttons but it can hold dozens of functions. Remote operates in three different modes; change the mode by pressing the mode button, and rest of the buttons change their function.

All Q Panels have Navigation mode, but some modes, such as Trolling, require that extra equipment has been installed. Contact us to hear more about Q Remote and other Q devices.

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Available Modes

Navigation Trolling Media
  • Navigation
  • Trolling
  • Media