Q Panel

Q system combines all boat’s functions into one clear touch screen interface: Q Panel. The panel currently comes in three styles: Q Panel 16, Q Panel 16M and Q Panel 10, and more options are being developed as the system expands. Q Panel has been developed and tested in the demanding Nordic conditions of the Finnish coast.

Q Panel is fully NMEA2000 compatible and has 2 CAN buses which makes integrating third-party boat accessories easy. New extensions and updates can be brought to all Q Panels through an Over-the-Air update. This means that to get the latest features, boat owner only has to accept the new software update when it appears on boat’s Q Panel.


Available Applications

Map with Radar & Fishfinder Dashboard Weather FM & DAB Radio Guides Boat Heater Boat Controls
  • Marine charts by C-MAP
  • Dashboard
  • Weather
  • Radio and music streaming
  • Manuals, guides and other content
  • Boat heater by Wallas

Entertainment & Safety

Q Panel has many cool features that make boating better:

Integrated mobile connection that can be turned into a hotspot
Automatic Over-the-Air software updates
Dashboard and sounder data
Pair a smart device via Bluetooth to share music
When Bluetooth paired you can get notifications of incoming calls
Guiding videos, boat manuals and other supportive material
Online marine weather service with real-time weather warnings
Receive AIS messages from commercial crafts
Integrated FM and DAB radio
Wifi capabilities

Technical Stuff

More information on technical details can be found in Q Panel Brochure on the Support page.

10 and 16 inch screen sizes
Support for multi-screen installations
NMEA2000 compatibility
2 CAN busses
Devices from other manufacturers can be easily integrated
Extremely durable 3 mm glass touchscreen works in wet conditions
Polarized screen with optical bonding for clear visibility in sunlight
Solid cover keeps the electronics protected
Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU
Compatible with microSD map cards