The sidebar of a Q plotter – Did you know about these features?

Essential boating information easy at hand The sidebar of a Q plotter is where you’ll find all the crucial info you need while boating.  Let’s break it down. 1  Q plotter’s sidebar contains all the essential information about your boat and the environment. It also has map applications easily available and ready to use. 2  The top left corner contains … Read More

Night mode and other added features – New Q software released

The smart future of boating New version of the Q Panel’s software has been officially released to all Q Experience systems. This software version, 2030.646, introduces the users to night mode feature, making it easier and more pleasant to read the Q Panel even in the dark. What’s new? – These features have been added to the Q Panel With … Read More

Checklist for safe boating

Learning the ropes of safe boating is essential before detaching from the dock. There are approximately 737 000 registered boats in Finland, and Finland’s Sailing and Boating Organization has over 60 000 members nationwide – that’s a lot of traffic at sea! Even the most experienced boaters make mistakes and that’s why it’s important to occasionally revise the safety rules. … Read More

International navigation rules – When to give way to other boats?

Interntaional navigation rules - safety

Summer and warm weather create quite a stir of boats on the waters. Do you know who has to give way when two boats meet? Here’s a quick take on the International Navigation Rules to freshen up your memory, and guarantee safe boating for all! Navigation rules on waters apply to all International navigation rules that apply on the waters … Read More

Raymarine fishfinder – Making fishing easier with Q plotters

Buster Q Fishfinder by Jani Ollikainen

Fishfinder has been a set additional feature in the Q plotters since 2017. Q System has integrated the Raymarine fishfinder to its crisp touch screen, making fishing easier than ever with sharp and extremely realistic scans. Article image by Jani Ollikainen Raymarine fishfinder features Raymarine CP100 fishfinder scans the waters for fish and seabed down to 270 meters. It uses … Read More

Find Finnish and Swedish lakes with Navionics

Navionics nautical chart

Q plotter compatible with Navionics nautical charts – Know your waters Did you know that Q plotters are compatible with Navionics nautical charts? The Navionics cartography helps you to better understand the lakes and marine areas where you sail this summer, especially in the Finnish ans Swedish lakes and waters. The collaboration was announced back in November 2019, and has … Read More

Q plotters in all Skipperi motorboats in 2020 – Smart boating for all


Yamarin Q plotters available for everyone through Skipperi This summer you can enjoy the Q plotters easily without owning a boat yourself – with the help of Skipperi. Skipperi is a boating service that enables city boating through the summer for people without their own boat, with a monthly, fixed fee. They also make it possible for boat owners to … Read More

New version of the Q app released – With multiple boats feature

New and updated version of The Q Experience app was released both on Android and iOS last week. The new version of the app, 1.6.0, has some great updates to your user experience as smooth as possible. The changes in the app include Added support for multiple boats Added support for multiple users The biggest change in the new 1.6.0. … Read More

Yamarin App launch

Yamarin launches a free mobile companion app for the Q Experience at the Helsinki International Boat Show. The app allows the user to access vital boat information, as well as an automatic logbook and weather data.

New Q Panel software rolling out

We have now published a new Q Panel software release (version 1850.365) for the boat manufacturer approval. This means that it will soon be available for your panel too. Unfortunately we were delayed a bit from the original plan, to support new manufacturer requirements in full. We have a bunch of new features, device integrations, languages and improvements – check … Read More