Boat insurance protects your boat all year around

Why should you insure your boat? Boat insurance takes cares of your boat and its equipment, while giving the boat’s owner a piece of mind. It covers the damages your boat might face, such as: collisions, grounding, transportation damages, and possible boat thefts. Boat insurances also usually cover the damage you might cause to others while boating. If you crash … Read More

Boat winterization – Get your boat ready for winter

When the boating season comes to its end, remember to prep your boat for the cold and unpredictable weather. It’s also important to do a thorough fall maintenance to your boat, to secure your precious investment from winter and thieves. A good maintenance will reward you in the spring when the boat is in good condition from the get-go and … Read More

More sustainable Wallas boat heater expanding the boating season

Summer has come and gone, but boating season can still go on Especially in the Nordic countries like Finland, Sweden and Norway, autumn time is beautiful but also cold as the winter slowly but surely approaches. That doesn’t mean you should stop boating just yet. Many boats have heaters in them, to expand the boating season way beyond the warm … Read More

How to: Get the Navionics charts to your SD card

Q infotainment plotters are compatible with Navionics+ and Platinum+ map charts. Navionics charts help you to better navigate through different waters with detailed cartography for marine and lakes. You can select the coverage area of your charts to fit your boating needs, like e.g. Swedish lakes, Italian coasts, or the Åland Islands. You can read more about Navionics and get … Read More

We updated the Q plotter’s general guide

q general guide

We have updated the Q plotters general guide to better match the updated software we released a while ago. The new guide is clearer, and it adapts to all screens, no matter what device you are using. It also has all functions separated to individual steps that are easy to follow. This makes the guide easier to follow on everything … Read More

The Q App – How to connect your boat and phone

q app

Do you have the Q Experience app? With the Q Experience application you can access all your boat’s important information straight from your pocket. We’ve created a simple guide to help you set everything up and enjoy boating effortlessly. If you don’t have the Q Experience app you can download it here: Android iOs NOTE: If you have a Buster … Read More

The sidebar of a Q plotter – Did you know about these features?

Essential boating information easy at hand The sidebar of a Q plotter is where you’ll find all the crucial info you need while boating.  Let’s break it down. 1  Q plotter’s sidebar contains all the essential information about your boat and the environment. It also has map applications easily available and ready to use. 2  The top left corner contains … Read More

Night mode and other added features – New Q software released

The smart future of boating New version of the Q Panel’s software has been officially released to all Q Experience systems. This software version, 2030.646, introduces the users to night mode feature, making it easier and more pleasant to read the Q Panel even in the dark. What’s new? – These features have been added to the Q Panel With … Read More

Checklist for safe boating

Learning the ropes of safe boating is essential before detaching from the dock. There are approximately 737 000 registered boats in Finland, and Finland’s Sailing and Boating Organization has over 60 000 members nationwide – that’s a lot of traffic at sea! Even the most experienced boaters make mistakes and that’s why it’s important to occasionally revise the safety rules. … Read More